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Most Recorded Guitarist Ever
reggie young

America's Guitar Player

"During his six-decade career as a session man, predominantly in Memphis and Nashville, Reggie Young’s unique guitar work has embellished 45s and albums by just about every major artist who cut tracks in those two hotbeds of recording activity. There were plenty of lower profile names, too, who made great records without necessarily over-working the chart compilers. To Reggie it didn’t matter; he always did his best to provide what he felt was right for the song, very often just some personalised licks and fills here and there, but he would cut loose on a scorching solo if he thought it added to the overall performance. This CD contains a healthy mixture of both, and much in between..."
Will McFarlane's tribute to Reggie Young 
On September 18th, at  'Hoodstock', David Hood's gala 75th birthday concert at The Shoals Theater in Florence, AL,
 Reggie Young was honored by a surprise tribute to him and his incredible career in music that was put together by
Will McFarlane and featured Kelvin Holly, Clayton Ivey, and a host of other great Muscle Shoals musicians...
Although you may not know his name, you know his music. Reggie has appeared on well over 100 chart hits in his 60 year career. Hits like Elvis' ​Suspicious Minds, Dusty's Son Of A Preacher Man, Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline, B.J. Thomas' Hooked On A Feeling, Willie Nelson's You Were Always On My Mind   and Many, Many More...
After a lifetime spent playing guitar, Reggie's priceless collection of vintage photographs and videos is not to be missed. From his Rockabilly days with Eddie Bond, to the Louisiana Hayride with Johnny Horton, from The Beatles and Elvis to Willie & Waylon and The Boys, our Media Page provides a rare glimpse of a life in American Music.

Reggie Young kept meticulous records of virtually every recording session he's been involved in for the past 50 years (mostly, he said, to make sure he got paid!). These log books now afford us an historic opportunity to go beyond the hits and view American Music through the unique perspective of its premier guitarist. Every page of these logs has been scanned and preserved for future generations by and will be utilized in an ongoing effort to discover every song that Reggie played on... imagine?